Why Is There So Much Talk About the Benefits of Synthetic Motor Oil?

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Synthetic motor oil gets a ton of positive press, but why? Auto Solutions offers this motor oil to our customers because it’s best for high-performance and high-mileage vehicles. Let’s talk about this motor oil type and whether it would be a good idea for your car, crossover, truck, or SUV. In some cases, you might prefer synthetic because it betters protects how you use your vehicle.

What Makes Synthetic Different?

Motor oil 101 class is in session! There are two primary types of motor oil: synthetic and conventional. Some synthetics and all conventional motor oil begin with a crude base that is extracted from the ground. The crude is refined because it contains many impurities that can be harmful to your vehicle’s engine. Crude-based oils also have different molecule shapes, which makes them less pure.

Higher-end synthetic oil is made with a natural-gas base, which contains fewer impurities. Synthetic is then processed in a laboratory to remove even more impurities through chemical engineering. This also gives the molecules a uniform size and shape. Once uniform, additives are thrown in to improve synthetic oil’s ability to stay clean and viscous in your engine longer to protect it longer.

Synthetic Oil Advantages

This is the primary advantage of synthetic motor oil. The oil is purer and protects your engine better and longer than conventional oil, all the while keeping everything cleaner, as well. When you take into account how much dirt and grime can affect your engine, you realize this is a huge benefit, especially for older engines. Other advantages of this oil type include

  • Extreme weather resistance that keeps the oil viscous and flowing
  • Greater resistance to extreme heat and heat-related oxidation
  • Better fuel economy due to enhanced engine protection and performance
  • More horsepower that resists engine drag and engine lag
  • Greater protection against damaging engine sludge and engine wear

We don’t get sub-zero temperatures in the winter here in Orlando, FL, but we get pretty hot in the summer. Synthetic can help protect your engine from the summer heat. It also offers stronger engine protection in stop-and-go traffic, during long commutes, when you drive hard and fast, and in engines that are turbo-driven and high-performance. Plus, you don’t have to change it as often.

Stop by Auto Solutions’ auto repair shop in Orlando, FL, to discuss whether synthetic motor oil is a good choice for your automobile. We’d be happy to switch your conventional motor oil to synthetic.