Why Are Oil Changes So Important?

Oil changes are extremely important for your car, truck, or utility vehicle. The motor oil protects the engine from wear and tear so it does not break down prematurely. Conventional motor oil has a lifespan of 3,000 miles. Synthetic motor oil has a lifespan of 5,000 miles. After these mileage milestones, the motor oil must be replaced in order to protect your engine. In addition to the oil being replaced, the oil filter is also replaced so it does not get clogged. Let’s talk more about all of this below.

The Motor Oil

As we mentioned above, the motor oil protects your automobile’s engine. Specifically, it lubricates moving parts to prevent them from generating friction and causing heat. It also prevents them from rubbing against each other and wearing each other down. The motor oil also helps to keep the engine cool with this lubrication. In addition, the motor oil cleans the engine by removing the dirt and grime while it circulates through the engine.

The Oil Filter

In order to keep the motor oil clean, your car has an oil filter that removes the dirt and grime from the oil. This ensures that the oil can continue to do its job effectively the next time circulates through the engine. In fact, the oil filter is a crucial part of the oil system. A clogged oil filter can damage the engine beyond repair, which is why the filter is changed with each oil change. You always need clean motor oil and a clean oil filter in the engine.

Wear and Tear

Both of these things can break down. As we mentioned above, they usually break down after 3,000 miles or 5,000 miles. In the case of the motor oil, it can start to lose its viscosity, which means it cannot protect the moving engine parts from friction in heat. In addition, old motor oil can oxidize. In the case of the oil filter, as we mentioned above, it will get clogged.


The consequences of failing to change the motor oil and filter are vast. You will end up with dirty motor oil circulating through the engine that will affect its performance. It will also increase the engine’s temperature. Once the oil filter is completely clogged, the motor oil will no longer circulate through the engine. This can cause complete engine failure.

As such, call us today if your vehicle is overdue for an oil change. We will get you in and out of our shop as quickly as possible.

Photo by sefa ozel from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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