Vehicle Suspension Problems

Vehicle suspension trouble can spell major trouble for your car, truck or SUV, not to mention it can also be quite expensive to repair. You think about oil changes and tire rotations but you likely don’t think about a broken axle until it happens. Auto Solutions hopes it never does happen. A broken axle is one thing that could go wrong with your vehicle’s suspension. Here are some other common issues.


Bumps, curbs, potholes and even a minor automobile accident can knock your wheels out of alignment. One sure sign you need to have them realigned is pulling. Your wheels are designed to go straight unless you steer them otherwise. If they’re pulling to the right or left, you have an alignment issue.


More commonly known as shock absorbers, your vehicle’s dampers wear out over time. Signs your dampers need a replacement include noticeable bouncing on bumps and rough roads. Your vehicle bounces because the dampers can’t keep the tires on the road so it’s time to replace them.


Struts are more common on vehicles these days than dampers are and they knock when they’re starting to fail. You’ll notice the sound primarily when you drive over bumps. If you do hear this sound, don’t wait to have your struts inspected. They are crucial to your vehicle’s safety while you’re on the road.


Your car, truck or SUV is heavy and springs absorb that weight. As with any automobile part, the springs will wear down over time. You might notice that your car looks lower on one side than the other when it’s parked on level ground. If this is the case, it’s time to have a spring inspection and replacement.

Ball Joints

Balls joints attach your wheels and suspension. They also work as shock absorbers and rotate when you turn your steering wheel. You shouldn’t hear creaking or squeaking when you turn your vehicle and if you do, you might need to have the ball joints replaced. They can break if you ignore them.

Control Arms

Finally, control arms are hinges that secure your wheels to your vehicle’s frame. They also help secure the steering system to the wheels. Control arms wear out more quickly on front-wheel-drive vehicles than on rear-wheel-drive automobiles. Loose steering is a sign your control arms are going out.

Auto Solutions is located in Orlando, FL, and we are vehicle suspension experts. Call us for an inspection. We’ll make sure everything is a-okay with your suspension and fix what isn’t.

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