Top Automobiles for 2020

Kelley Blue Book knows a thing or two about automobiles and they’ve taken the time to flesh out their top automobile picks for 2020. Because Auto Solutions is a full-service automotive maintenance and repair shop that works on Asian, European, and domestic automobiles, we’ve taken the top three from each continent and listed them below. We think you’ll be surprised by the top domestic make and model and perhaps the top Asian make and model, too.


You might have expected Honda or Toyota to make Kelley Blue Book’s top Asian automobile but South Korea’s Kia continues to blow away its Asian competitors with its 2020 Soul. U.S. News and World Report also gave Kia kudos for the 2020 Soul saying the “fully redesigned” 2020 model is “spacious and comfortable.” For the automotive enthusiasts reading this post, there is a 2-liter engine under the hood that produces anywhere from 147 to 201 horsepower depending on the model you buy. 


It’s not too much of a surprise that Mercedes-Benz topped the European list of Kelley Blue Book 2020 favorites. Not only is this German automobile manufacturer popular in the United States, but it also continuously produces superior vehicles. The 2020 GLE class of crossovers combine luxury with cutting-edge technology sure to please even the pickiest drivers and passengers. All-wheel or rear-wheel-drive performance is powered by anywhere from 255 to 483 horses depending on the model.


Lincoln takes Kelley Blue Book’s top spot for the best 2020 automobile beating out Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, and GMC. This might seem like a shock, but Lincoln reinvented itself and its competitive edge with the 2020 Corsair. This luxury SUV pulls out all the stops with a beautiful interior that blocks out exterior noise; a quiet and comfortable ride unless you have cranky children in the back. You’ll find 250 to 295 horsepower produced by the Corsair’s engine and you can select a front-wheel or all-wheel-drive model.

There you have it. Kelley Blue Book extended its kudos to Kia, Mercedes-Benz, and Lincoln this year by awarding their models the best for 2020. There were plenty of other automobiles from around the world on their list, including the 2020 Ford Explorer, Suburu Outback, and the 2020 Toyota GR SUPRA. No matter which one you buy, let Auto Solutions in Orlando, FL, maintain and repair. We are a full-service automotive shop and you can reach us by dialing 407-494-6950.


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