Tire Service

Tire Service

When it comes to tires Orlando FL’s own Auto Solutions is your one-stop shop. Our experts are here to help ensure that your tires and vehicle keep rolling along. From tire repair to wheel alignment, we do it all.

Tires Orlando FL

Healthy tires ensure a comfortable, fuel-efficient ride, but road hazards like nails, potholes, and broken glass can threaten them at every turn.

If the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) light has turned on, something isn’t right inside the tire. If this happens, don’t ignore the warning and continue to drive on under-pressurized tires. In fact, rim damage and other costly repairs could result from prolonged waiting. The certified technicians at Auto Solutions in Orlando can help. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can get you back on the road in no time, and while you wait, enjoy Wi-Fi and snacks in the waiting room.

Wheel Alignment

Several elements must align precisely (tires included) for your vehicle to perform well, but road hazards or conditions and driving habits can cause uneven wear and misalignment. When this happens, you might feel your vehicle pulling left or right, with steering becoming increasingly challenging. In addition, improper alignment can cause excessive vibration that leads to more tire damage with time and use.

Realigning wheels not only brings vehicle suspension into exact configuration but modifies area components so wheels line up with the road and each other. With an alignment service, a device attaches to wheels, links to a computer, and takes precise measurements while our technician adjusts certain angles–thrust, caster, toe, and camber. At the end, we adjust the steering wheel to make sure it sits in a convenient straight position, with no crooked steering wheels on our watch.

Since this complicated process requires special skills and experience, only a licensed and trained mechanic should perform the alignment. At Auto Solutions in Orlando, we understand the importance of proper alignment, making sure your vehicle leaves our shop in better shape than it drove in.

Wheel Balancing

Although it’s sometimes confused with alignment, wheel balancing involves keeping tires and wheels perfectly synchronized. Our experts use a specialized machine that senses all variances, so when the process has completed, weight distributes evenly around each wheel. Although timing can vary depending on your model and driving habits, most experts advise having wheels balanced every 3,000 to 6,000 miles.

Tires Near Me

With hot summer days looming near, you want to stay on top of any tire vulnerabilities, since heat can exacerbate any slight weakness and increase the chance of inconvenient repairs. To prepare your tires for a Florida summer (and epic road trips along the coast), bring your car into Auto Solutions in Orlando to take advantage of our tire services, or give us a call today!

$89.99Wheel Alignment

(Most Cars)Check Steering And Suspension, Adjust Front And Rear Toe. **Camber And Caster Adjustments Extra**


EXP 04-30-2023

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