These Are Noises That You Don’t Want to Hear in Your Engine

Factory-schedule services help to keep your engine running efficiently and effectively. If you hear strange noises coming from the engine, bring your vehicle to our shop right away so we can investigate to find the problem. Sometimes, a strange noise can mean that the engine is being damaged. If you continue to drive your automobile, you will cause additional damage.


If your engine has started to grind, it could be that the alternator or water pump is going bad. More likely, however, is there is a problem with the oil circulation. A clogged oil filter can reduce the oil pressure in the engine. Consequently, the metal parts will grind against each other because they don’t have enough lubrication. This can damage the engine.


Your engine may also hiss if it has a leaking vacuum hose in it. Unfortunately, you will continue to hear the hissing noise until we replace the vacuum hose. Leaking auto fluids can also hiss when they touch hot engine parts. In fact, they may even sizzle.


Knocking noises can be an indication that you have a fuel detonation problem in the cylinders. The engine will also knock if the pistons are clanking against the cylinder walls. This happens when the rod bearings wear out and the rods jiggle as they move up and down.


The most common location of popping noises is the exhaust system. For example, assume for the moment that your muffler has a hole in it. It will pop when you press down on the accelerator. The exhaust manifold will pop if it is leaking. The catalytic converter can also pop if it is clogged.


Two out of the three parts just mentioned can also make your engine roar. The catalytic converter will make the engine roar if someone has stolen it from the exhaust system. The muffler will make the engine roar if it is cracked or damaged. In fact, the engine may roar so loudly that you may get pulled over and issued a moving violation ticket.


Finally, there are a couple of different parts that can squeal if they are going bad. One such part is the power steering pump, and it will squeal when you turn the steering wheel. Another such part is the accessory belt, and it will squeal if it is too loose.

We would be happy to help if your engine is making strange noises. Call us today to set up a service appointment.

Photo by khunkorn via Canva Pro

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