The Following Problems Point to a Clogged or Leaking Exhaust System

If you have never had your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s exhaust system serviced and you notice any of the following problems listed below, the exhaust system could be clogged, leaking, or damaged. You can count on Auto Solutions in Orlando to repair your exhaust system so that it is just like new. Bring your vehicle to our shop if your car has any of the following issues.

A Damaged Tailpipe

A damaged tailpipe cannot do the job of releasing the treated exhaust into the environment. Tailpipe damage can include dents, holes, and corrosion. Your tailpipe can also be hanging too low if it has been banged against the road and loosened from its bearings.

Too Much Engine Noise

You might also end up with too much engine noise if your exhaust system has a problem. In this case, the issue is most likely the muffler. It probably has a hole in it due to age or damage and this disables it from muffling the engine noise. Consequently, your engine will be extremely loud until you replace the muffler.

Burning Engine Odors

If you hear loud hissing or tapping sounds coming from the engine, the exhaust system has a cracked exhaust manifold gasket. Along with the noise, you will detect burning plastic and rubber coming from the engine. This is an indication that the manifold gasket is leaking hot exhaust into the engine and this exhaust is melting engine parts.

Gas or Diesel Fuel Odors

Another sign that your exhaust system is clogged or leaking is exhaust odors, such as gasoline or diesel fuel, wafting into your passenger cabin. You should never smell your vehicle’s exhaust in the passenger cabin. If you do, bear in mind that it is dangerous to drive your automobile. If you smell rotten eggs, the catalytic converter is likely clogged.

Engine Power Loss

Unfortunately, exhaust system clogs and leaks can create a problem with your engine’s performance. You will lose acceleration power and power at higher speeds. This is an indication that the engine is filled with exhaust that is creating problems in the combustion chamber.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Finally, all of the above can reduce the fuel economy that your automobile gets. You will end up heading to the service station more often to fill your tank.

Auto Solutions in Orlando, FL, would be happy to inspect your vehicle’s exhaust system and give you a detailed estimate to repair any problems. Call us today for an appointment.

Photo by Khaligo from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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