The Benefits of a Vehicle Diagnostic Check

A vehicle diagnostic check makes sure the electrical system in your car, truck or SUV is operating as it should be. Signs there’s an issue with the electrical system include difficulty starting your automobile, battery issues, interior or exterior light problems and blown fuses. Auto Solutions uses electrical diagnostics in the service shop because it offers the following benefits to their customers.

Pinpoints a Problem

As opposed to guessing what a problem might be, an electrical system diagnostic check pinpoints the exact issue. When hooked up to your vehicle’s onboard computer, the test checks all systems and returns data auto technicians use to isolate trouble. This test uses error codes to identify what is wrong, such as returning an error code that the alternator needs to be replaced.

Saves Time

This, obviously, saves time. The test takes less than 30 minutes and the mechanic can tell you almost immediately what is wrong and what it will take to fix it. The mechanic spends less time finding the problem and fixing it and you spend less time in the shop. It’s win-win for both, because you have better things to do than sit in a waiting area while a technician works on your car.

Saves Money

A diagnostic check also saves money. Not only does it save labor fees because the test is quick to find the problem, but it also saves repair costs. The test will identify a failed or failing part or system, which means it can catch problems before they become real trouble. Replacing one part instead of an entire system saves you money in the end, which is why diagnostics are used so frequently in auto care.

Helps With Used-Car Purchase

A vehicle diagnostic check is a good idea if you want to buy a used car. The diagnostic test should be part of a full vehicle inspection to make certain there aren’t any underlying issues invisible to the naked eye. Electrical trouble rarely shows itself until it’s too late, such as a dead battery. You want to make sure the used vehicle you purchase doesn’t break down a few weeks later due to electrical system failure.

Auto Solutions in Orlando, FL, performs electrical diagnostic checks for our customers to find the cause of electrical failure quickly so we can fix it quickly. Call us today to schedule an appointment and, seriously, we’ll inspect a used car you’d like to buy, too.


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