Symptoms of a Faulty Automatic Transmission in Your Automobile

If your car, truck, or utility vehicle is experiencing any of the symptoms of a malfunctioning automatic transmission listed below, bring it to our shop right away. Auto Solutions advises that continuing to drive your automobile with a faulty transmission can cause additional damage to the transmission that can be expensive to repair. Don’t take chances. Have the transmission inspected as soon as possible.

Burning/Hot Odors

One indication of automatic transmission trouble is the transmission overheating. This is a symptom of low transmission fluid in the system. When the fluid is low, it is not properly lubricating or protecting the transmission parts. Consequently, you can damage the transmission by driving your automobile.

Gear Shifting Problems

Another sign of automatic transmission problems is an issue with the shifting gears. For example, your transmission is bad if it slips out of gear into neutral while you are driving. It is also bad if it hesitates to shift through the gear cycle or skips gears in the cycle. The gear shifts should be seamless.

Leaking Red Fluid

One thing that can cause gear shifting problems is leaking transmission fluid. Naturally, the fluid leak reduces the level of transmission fluid in the system. In the case of a transmission leak, you will see red fluid on your garage floor underneath your automobile toward the center.

Transmission Noises

Strange noises can also point to problems with the automatic transmission. For example, you may hear a humming sound when the vehicle is in neutral. You may also hear grinding or squealing noises when the transmission shifts gears. Clunking sounds are another indication of automatic transmission problems.


When the transmission shifts the gears, or when you put the transmission into gear, your vehicle should not vibrate or shake. Everything should be smooth. Noticeable movement is an indication that the automatic transmission is struggling to operate efficiently, i.e., there is something wrong.


If you ignore the problems listed above, there will come a time when your automatic transmission becomes completely unresponsive. It will be unable to shift through the gear cycle. In fact, you probably won’t even be able to get your vehicle to go into drive or reverse.

Check Engine Light

Finally, all of the signs of transmission problems listed above can also create a condition where the check engine light turns on and won’t turn off. This is your vehicle’s main computer chip alerting you that there is a problem that requires your immediate attention.

Auto Solutions in Orlando, FL, would be happy to inspect your automatic transmission and service it or repair it if necessary. Give us a call today.

Photo by Industrial Photograph via Canva Pro

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