Suspension System Repair

Suspension System Repair

Your car’s suspension system is designed to ensure a comfortable ride as well as provide optimal control over the vehicle. Daily wear and tear, potholes, and other surprises on the road can cause damage to your suspension system. At Auto Solutions, we are experienced in traditional suspension systems as well as the more advanced systems found on more modern vehicles. When you want the best suspension repair in Orlando, you want Auto Solutions.

Signs Of Suspension System Damage

Your suspension system takes a pounding, but how do you know when there is an issue? These are some of the most common signs that your system is in need of repairs. If you are experiencing any of these, call Auto Solutions for an accurate diagnosis and repair.

Poor Wheel Alignment

Properly aligned wheels give the driver better overall control of a vehicle. Wheels may be knocked out of line when they hit a pothole or curb, but your springs and control arms may also be damaged. Anytime you get your wheels aligned you should also have your suspension system checked.

Shock Absorber Issues

Ideally, shock absorbers should minimize the bouncing of a vehicle and its passengers when going over a bump. When your shocks wear out you will notice a bumpier ride, particularly when you are driving over rough terrain.
Worn-out shocks or leaking shocks need to be repaired immediately to keep the rest of your suspension system from deteriorating.

Knocking Struts

If your vehicle is equipped with struts rather than shock absorbers, you need to know the warning sounds of when they are starting to fail. The most common is a knocking sound when you are going over bumps. Struts are a vital part of the suspension system and should be seen immediately if you notice a problem.

Sagging Or Broken Springs

Springs hold the weight of your car and are an important part of the suspension. If you notice that a corner of your car is not level with the others, it may be a sign of a sagging or broken spring. A clunking sound when going over bumps is another sign of a damaged spring.

Worn Out Ball Joints

Squeaking or creaking sounds when you are turning are often a sign that your ball joints need repairing or replacing. Ball joints are an important part of the suspension system and when they wear out or fail, the overall handling and ride of the vehicle can become compromised.

Suspension Repair Near Me

Anytime you notice these or other suspension issues, you should have your system checked immediately. At Auto Solutions, we want to help maintain the integrity of your suspension system to keep you safe and comfortable.


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