Summer Heat Makes an Automobile’s Interior Miserable

It is hot and humid here in Florida, and the summer heat can make the inside of your car, truck, or utility vehicle miserable. Auto Solutions is going to offer some tips below that will help reduce the interior heat. This being said, these tips do not reduce the heat enough to make it safe for pets or children. As such, you should never leave your pets or children inside the vehicle when it is hot outside.

Shade the Inside

Shading the inside of your automobile will help keep it a little bit cooler. If you put up a shade in the windshield, in the rear window, and use pull-down shades in the side windows, the sun’s rays will be blocked from shining inside the vehicle. This will help keep the interior cooler but, again, not cool enough for children or pets. Shading the inside can reduce the temperature by a few degrees.

Cover the Seats

It only takes a moment to put up and pull down all of the shades. It also takes little time to cover the seats with towels to prevent the sun from making them hot. Usually, bath-sized towels are large enough for the task. If not, use beach towels. You can also cover the steering wheel and gearshift with hand towels to make sure that you don’t burn your hands when you get back into the automobile.

Use the Garage

If at all possible, always park your vehicle in a garage. Whether that’s your garage at your house or a public garage, when the automobile is inside the garage, the interior of the vehicle stays cooler. Of course, you can also look for trees under which you can park to shade the interior from the sunlight. Don’t get mad if birds bomb your car, however, because they don’t look before they poo.

Crack the Windows

Whether in the garage or outside, cracking all of the windows will also help to keep the interior cooler. We are sorry to beat a dead horse, but cracking windows does not make the vehicle cool enough for children or pets. This being said, it will allow a flow of air through the vehicle that will reduce the interior temperature. When you’re ready to get into the car, opened the doors and let it air out.

Auto Solutions in Orlando, FL, can also help by inspecting and servicing your vehicle’s air conditioner to make sure it can keep the interior cool and comfortable throughout the summer.

Photo by Derwin Edwards from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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