Spring Vehicle Maintenance That Should Be Done Now

Can you believe that spring is here? Farewell winter and hello spring and summer fun. While we don’t get cold and icy weather in spring here in Orlando, we get plenty of rain. Now is the time to prep your car, truck, or SUV for summer with vehicle maintenance that will reduce the risk of breakdowns in hot and humid weather. Auto Solutions recommends the following spring preventative maintenance.

AC System Check

None of us can get through Orlando summers without our automobile’s air conditioners. Have yours inspected and serviced prior to the hot summer months so it’s ready to keep you cool all summer long. We’ll change the refrigerant if needed; recharge the AC system; inspect the compressor, condenser, electrical controls, and evaporator; and test the system to ensure it’s working properly.

Battery Test

Don’t end up with a dead battery on a hot afternoon after a long day at work. We’ll test your battery and check the alternator and starter, too. This ensures your battery is receiving and holding its charge. In addition, if there is a problem with your alternator, your vehicle’s AC might not work. Starter troubles mean you won’t be able to get your vehicle started no matter how hard you try.

Oil Change

If your vehicle is due for a lube, oil, and filter, now is the time to do it. Motor oil prevents your engine from overheating because it lubricates auto parts to reduce friction. Change your oil now and every 3,000 miles throughout the summer to keep your engine in tip-top shape. Heat reduces oil viscosity, so it’s important to have fresh motor oil in your engine all summer long.

Radiator Service

Your radiator system also prevents your car, truck, or SUV from overheating, so let us give it the once-over before summer hits. We’ll inspect the radiator to look for rust and leaks. We’ll also check the hoses and clamps. We’ll test your engine thermostat and also check the condition of your engine coolant. If it needs to be flushed and replaced, we’ll do that, too.

Finally, it wouldn’t hurt to let Auto Solutions in Orlando, FL, check your tires. If you need new tires, it’s best to replace them now so they handle well during hurricane season. Stop by our shop today or call us at 407-494-6950 to set up an appointment for your vehicle’s spring preventative maintenance. After all, wouldn’t you rather spend summer at the beach than the auto repair shop?


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