Spring Break Car Care Checklist

Whether you took her out for a much-needed road trip (and need to re-invigorate the basic systems) or want to take full advantage of a few days off, your car needs a little love this spring break. Here’s a look at some basic items to check off your to-do list:

Check and Top Off Vital Fluids

Like you need water to survive, your vehicle craves adequate lubrication. The six most important fluids include:

  • Oil – An inhospitable environment, your engine wreaks havoc on its moving parts, so before anything else, check the oil to ensure it’s clean and plentiful.
  • Transmission fluid – For clean-shifting gears, you need high quality transmission fluid. Fortunately, it lasts longer than other lubricants but still gets sludgy over time. Experts recommend having it replaced every 60,000 – 100,000 miles and having it checked about every 20,000.
  • Brake fluid – When you push the brake, fluid forces brake pads to slow the vehicle, so this one can’t be neglected. Before or after a long trip, have brake fluid topped off and flushed. In the interim, have it checked about every two or three months.
  • Power-steering fluid – This fluid lets you turn smoothly at all speeds, so it never hurts to make sure everything’s in order. Most mechanics will take a quick look with each oil change.
  • Radiator fluid – Otherwise known as coolant or antifreeze, radiator fluid keeps this component cool and in working condition. Since an over-heated engine can cause a lot of damage, keeping coolant levels adequate is key.
  • Windshield fluid – Unless you want a never-ending view of highway filth and insect destruction, you need functional wipers and plenty of cleaning fluid.

Stay Ahead of Routine Maintenance

For your car to perform at its best, you must stay on top of scheduled care. Simple but significant, the components that need frequent checks include light bulbs, brake pads, air filters, and belts/hoses. With professional eyes making sure all parts stay in peak condition, you’ll always be road trip ready.

Check the Tires

For a comfortable, safe, fuel-efficient ride, you need healthy tires. Unfortunately, hazardous road conditions and certain driving behaviors can negatively-affect their performance over time. Have a technician check the tread (you might need a rotation or alignment service), and make sure all have proper pressure. And don’t forget the spare. When you need it, you’ll want it to be loaded and ready.

With long, summer days just around the corner, you want to stay ahead of any issues that might become more costly or dangerous over time. Bring your car into Auto Solutions in Orlando or give us a call today

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