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Why are oil changes so important? It seems as if that’s all auto mechanics talk about, right? There’s a reason why we here at Auto Solutions stress the importance of oil changes to our customers. They can literally make or break your automobile’s engine. We aren’t exaggerating. Motor oil is to an engine what blood is to your body, and we offer conventional and synthetic oil change services for all vehicle types. For the best oil change in Orlando, come by Auto Solutions today!

The Importance of Motor Oil

Inside your car’s engine is a ton of moving parts. Do you remember when you used to rub your feet on the carpet to generate friction so you could shock and annoy your sibling? Do you remember how hot your feet got? Imagine how hot these engine parts get as they generate friction. Motor oil:

  • Lubricates moving engine parts
  • Prevents friction-related heat
  • Cleans away combustion byproducts
  • Prevents engine wear and tear

Without motor oil, your engine’s parts have nothing to protect them from the friction and heat they generate at speeds a million times faster than you can rub your feet on carpeting. Without motor oil, the parts will overheat, seize up, breakdown, and – yes, we’re serious – cause total engine failure.

Motor Oil Types

There are different motor oil types on the market, but this doesn’t have to make things confusing. A good place to start for what’s best for your automobile is the manufacturer’s recommendations. Your vehicle’s manufacturer will recommend for your make and model

  • Synthetic: A manmade oil that stands up best in extreme internal and external conditions
  • Synthetic Blend: A combination of synthetic and conventional oils that resists oxidation
  • Conventional: Traditional oil made from crude that works well in normal conditions
  • High Mileage: Motor oil made for cars that have clocked 75,000 miles or more

Oil grade is important, too. An example of an oil’s grade is 5W-30. The 5 is the oil’s flow rate when the outdoor temperatures reach 5 degrees Fahrenheit, i.e. the oil is viscous down to 5 degrees F and then it thickens; the W stands for winter; the 30 is the flow rate (when it thins out) in warm temperatures.

Oil Change Orlando, FL

Now that you know about the different types of motor oil and what the weight means, let’s talk about oil change schedules. Generally, conventional and high-mileage oil should be changed every 3,000 miles and synthetic every 7,500 miles. The oil change duration on synthetic blends depends on the blend.

Your owner’s manual will also give you the manufacturer’s recommendations, not only for motor oil type and weight but also for the duration. You should also take into account the age of your vehicle, how much mileage it has on it, your engine type, and how you drive it.

Oil Change Near Me

Bring your vehicle into Auto Solutions in Orlando, FL. We’ll talk with you about everything we’ve discussed here and come up with a customized oil change plan that is perfect for your automobile.

$29.97Synthetic Blend Oil Change

Synthetic Blend Oil Up To 5 Quarts And Spin On Filter. Includes Multi-Point Inspection, Top Off Fluids And Adjust Tire Pressures. Cartridge Filter is Extra


EXP 07-31-2023

$49.97Full Synthetic Oil Change

Synthetic Oil Up To 5 Quarts And Spin On Filter. Includes Multi-Point Inspection, Top Off Fluids And Adjust Tire Pressures. Cartridge Filter is Extra


EXP 07-31-2023

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