Make Your Tires Last Even Longer

When you really break it down to brass tacks, there is only one part of your car that touches the road below you, and that is the tires. Keeping your tires in great shape is part of keeping your car running and on the road, but a little extra attention can mean the difference between tires that last for a year or two and tires that can last for far longer. Our team is here with a few tips on keeping your tires in great shape.

Watch How You Drive

Tires are designed to wear over time, but aggressive driving habits can make them wear far faster. Short stopping, burnouts, speedy u-turns, and general “hot dogging” can take a hefty toll on healthy tires, so safe, measured driving is key to making your tires last even longer.

Check For Damage

Everytime you go to drive your car, do a quick spot check of your tires. Do you see sidewall damage? How about an errant screw or nail embedded in your treads? Even the best drivers might hit a curb wrong or pick up debris – causing punctures – in their tires. Damage noticed right away is often more easily rectified than a slow leak left to fester, so always check your tires before you hit the road.

Get A Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment can go a long way in protecting your tires. Perfectly aligned wheels allow your tires to wear evenly across the treads, which, in turn, makes them last far longer. This simple process, performed about once a year, can have a big hand in keeping your tires in fantastic shape for miles to come.

Make An Appointment

Your car’s tires are built to last, but you can have a direct hand in making them last even longer. If you need any tire services or tire repair, our team is waiting to help you out!

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