Let’s Talk About Your Car’s Tires and Wheels

We here at Auto Solutions can help you take care of your car, truck, or C/SUV’s tires and wheels. It’s important that you maintain them to get the guaranteed full life out of the tires. There are things you can do and there are things we can do to make sure that your tire tread wears down evenly and not prematurely. We are going to talk about tire and wheel services below designed to extend their life.

Check the Air

Get into the good habit of checking the air in your tires every other week to once a month. This ensures that you always have the recommended PSI in each tire. If any of the tires are low, including the spare, add enough air so that the air pressure is at the recommended PSI. Do not overinflate the tires or leave them underinflated. Either condition can damage the tires.

Inspect the Tires

Also, make a point to look at the tires thoroughly while you are checking the air pressure. Inspect the tread on each tire to make sure it is wearing down evenly. Look for patchy or scalloped tire tread wear. If you see it, there is something wrong with the wheel balance or alignment. Also, take a look at each tire’s sidewall to make sure that it isn’t cracked or bubbling.

Let Us Rotate Them

Bring your vehicle to our shop every 5,000 miles to have your tires rotated. This ensures that the tire tread wears down evenly. Rotating the tires changes the pressure points on each tire from the brakes and wheels. Rotating them also extends their life.

Let Us Balance Them

If your car is vibrating as you pick up speed, your wheels are not balanced. We can balance the wheels to make sure that their weight is even across the axles. It’s important to have balanced wheels. Unbalanced wheels will chew up the tire tread prematurely so that you don’t get the guaranteed miles out of each tire. Unbalanced wheels also make controlling your automobile difficult.

Don’t Forget About the Wheel Alignment

Finally, don’t forget about the wheel alignment. Misaligned wheels also make controlling your automobile very difficult. In fact, your vehicle may pull to the side when you try to drive straight. The wheels should be aligned once a year to every two years or when they are knocked out of alignment.

Call Auto Solutions in Orlando, FL, today to discuss the best tire and wheel care for your automobile.


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