Keep These Frightening Statistics in Mind This New Year’s Eve

Auto Solutions can keep your vehicle road-ready all year long, but even the best-tuned automobiles are at risk on New Year’s Eve. Despite the warnings, extra law enforcement, and sobriety checkpoints, people drink and drive on New Year’s Eve. We want you to stay safe. Consider these statistics when planning your New Year’s Eve celebrations. It might be best to stay in and party at home.

December Accident Statistics

Let’s start with the month of December itself because it’s quite dangerous. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 781 people were killed in drunk-driving collisions in 2016. These fatalities occurred throughout the month, but it’s important to note that the most deaths occur from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day. That week alone sees over 300 deaths each year on average.

New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day

Now, let’s talk about New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day, because AAA reports that your odds for getting into an automobile accident increase substantially due to drunk driving. Let’s compare New Year’s Day to the rest of the year, and bear in mind we mean New Year’s Day mornings when people hit the roads after midnight drunk from the celebration. According to the NHTSA, 36 people die each day in alcohol-related crashes throughout the year. On New Year’s Day, 54 people die on average due to alcohol-related crashes – an increase of nearly 20 people on that day alone.

Let’s face it. The holidays are dangerous! From Thanksgiving to New Year’s day, police officers and highway patrolpersons arrest more people for driving under the influence of alcohol than any other time of the year, and as mentioned above, the week from Christmas to New Year’s is particularly deadly. Fatal crashes caused by drunk drivers increase by 40 percent. You aren’t just at risk in your vehicle. According to AAA, more pedestrians are plowed down by drivers on New Year’s Day, as well. You must still be careful if you’re walking to and from celebrations.

What all of this means for you is safety first. Should you forgo holiday celebrations? No, but you can celebrate responsibly so nobody gets hurt. If you do plan to head out to celebrate, call a cab or driving service to take you to the party and home from it. If you plan to have a party at your house, take the keys away from drunk guests and call cabs or driving services for them at night’s end. Better yet, have a fun-filled New Year’s Eve slumber party with your family and friends where everyone can consume and then spend the night so they don’t drink and drive.

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