Is Rotating My Tires Really Necessary?

Driving brings with it much responsibility. Not only do you have to stay sharp on the roads, but you have a ton of metal to keep healthy enough to tote you from place to place. It all feels like madness sometimes. Not to mention, each time you take your car into the shop, it seems like maintenance tasks get piled on. Can they all be completely necessary?

Unfortunately, modern cars are more complex than ever and require systematic care to stay safe. As the most basic element of a car, the tires provide that which propels everything forward. Without them, the most high-performance engine can go nowhere. Tires need air pressure and rotations to keep them in top shape, and yes, rotations are vital.

To know how often you should have them rotated, check the owner’s manual, as it has the most accurate information. Most manufacturers recommend rotating tires every 5,000 to 10,000 miles, but driving habits and environment will play a part, as well.

What Tire Rotations Accomplish

The reason you should have tires rotated involves their wear patterns. Front tires wear faster than rear ones because they sustain more pressure during turns. Additionally, if you frequently parallel park or make three-point turns, it adds extra stress to front tires. When you move rear tires forward and front tires back, you equalize wear, making them last longer. This commonality also helps when you purchase new tires, and you can replace them all at once for a more convenient, comfortable ride.

Although some drivers might claim they don’t care about replacing all tires at once, if you use four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles, replacing tires together will ensure the transfer case (the part that connects front and rear drive axles) stays in good shape.

Replacement time aside, having tires that wear evenly makes driving more comfortable. As the parts that separate you from the road, healthy tires make for smoother commutes.

The Bottom Line

Although routine car maintenance can feel overwhelming, these tasks are necessary for driving safety. Plus, a car is no small investment. Why not add years to its life by staying on top of regular care? Not only will you save money on damage that arises from ill-kept systems, but you will make each mile safer and more enjoyable.

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