Is It Important To Change My Car’s Oil And Filter On A Schedule?

Everything requires some type of maintenance. You mow the lawn, vacuum the floors, and wash your hair. Conscientious living means attending to responsibilities. Such is the case with owning or leasing a vehicle. Cars have many complicated systems that need upkeep to stay in working condition, and if you want a reliable way to get from point A to point B, you will prioritize routine maintenance.

Benefits of Frequent Oil/Filter Changes

Engines get hot; this is no secret. To keep metal on metal from creating enough friction to overheat, your car has lubricant (motor oil). To keep the lubricant shiny and slick, the fuel filter creates a barrier between the engine compartment and the harsh outside environment. Both are essential to engine function and require regular attention.

If the fuel filter gets clogged, it can’t protect the lubricant, and when oil gets thick with sludge and debris, it can’t protect the engine. It’s a classic example of a domino effect of damage. If you stay ahead of buildup, however, you keep the engine happy and your car operating safely. It’s that simple. Neglect routine engine care and you take unnecessary risks.

When to Replace Oil and Filters

The owner’s manual will have the most accurate information regarding regular maintenance. In fact, in it you will find both a general schedule and one for extreme driving conditions. To be safe, most industry professionals recommend following the extreme schedule, since it’s better to be overly cautious with the sweltering engine environment.

Also, oil change frequency often depends on the type of oil you use. The owner’s manual will give you guidelines, but again, most experts will advise using high-quality synthetic or blend oil to extend the life of your engine. Whatever you choose, the oil will need replacing every 3,000 – 6,000 miles.

The fuel filter lasts longer than the fuel, and generally needs replacing every 7,500 miles (or every third oil change). If you drive long distances often or live in a hot climate, technicians might recommend changing the filter more often. Either way, this protective element should get checked each time you change the oil.

The Bottom Line

If you neglect regular maintenance tasks, you risk damaging your vehicle’s engine. Since most shops can complete this work in less than an hour, you might as well make it part of your to-do list.

For all your vehicle’s repair and maintenance needs, bring your car into Auto Solutions in Orlando or give us a call today.

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