I Can’t Stop My Brakes From Squealing

Aside from the embarrassment of brakes that squeal every time you use them, Auto Solutions advises that if your brakes are constantly making noise, there is something wrong with the brake system. Obviously, you don’t want to ignore this problem because you run the risk of being unable to stop your automobile. Let’s talk below about the reasons why brakes will squeak or squeal all the time.

Anti-Rattle Clip Problem

The brake pads and brake pad stays are attached to the calipers by anti-rattle clips. These clips hold the pads and pad stays in place. Without the anti-rattle clips, the brake pads and pad stays will rattle when you apply the brakes. This makes them squeal all the time. Consequently, this could be the reason why your brakes are making noises consistently.

Brake Pad Problem

The problem could also lie with the brake pads themselves. If your brake pads have worn down to 1/4-of-an-inch, it’s time to replace them. They will make noise once they get this low, and this noise can be caused by a sensor embedded in the brake pads or the brake pads themselves. If it’s been a while since you’ve had new brake pads put on your automobile, it’s possible that they need to be replaced.

Overheating Problem

When brakes get too hot, they squeal. They also smell hot. The reason why the brakes squeal is that the brake pads and rotors have glazed. Glazing means these brake parts have smoothed out. Once they smooth out, it is more difficult for them to generate friction and your vehicle needs friction to stop. An overheating brake system is a very dangerous thing.

Pad Insulation Problem

Brake pads are insulated to prevent them from squealing. If you have recently had your brake pads replaced, it’s possible that the mechanic did not replace the pad insulation, as well. If you don’t have any pad insulation, your brakes will make a horrible squealing noise every time you use them. The brake pad insulation needs to be replaced when the brake pads are replaced.

Rotor Problem

Finally, as we discussed above, the brake pads and rotors work together to generate the friction needed to stop your automobile. After millions of compressions, the rotor surfaces smooth out. This can cause your brakes to squeak and squeal every time you use them. You may need to have your rotor surfaces re-cut, especially if this hasn’t been done in 60,000 miles.

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Photo by geraldoswald62 from pixabay via Canva Pro

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