Have Your Car Checked for These Common A/C Problems Before Summer

Is your car’s air conditioner ready for the 90-plus degree summer weather we get here in Orlando, Florida? Now is the time to have your vehicle’s air conditioner inspected to make sure there is nothing wrong with it. You don’t want hot air blowing through the vents the first time you turn it on this year. Auto Solutions are experts in vehicle A/C maintenance and repair. We will check for the following common air conditioning problems.

Damaged/Clogged Condenser

The air conditioning condenser is responsible for circulating the refrigerant through the system so that your air blowing through the vents is cold, refreshing, and dehumidifying. Where the condenser is located in the engine creates common problems from which it suffers. The condenser is found in the front of the engine, susceptible to road debris damage and clogging dirt. 

Evaporated Refrigerant

Evaporation naturally lowers the levels of refrigerant in your car’s air conditioning system. This evaporation happens over time, which is why it’s a good idea to have the air conditioner checked every spring. It’s possible the refrigerant could also be leaking out of the system if you drive an older automobile. We will check the refrigerant levels and the health of the refrigerant itself.

Faulty Cooling Fans

Cooling fans not only push the air through the vents and into your vehicle’s cabin but also blow over the refrigerant to help keep it cool. If any of these fans are malfunctioning, you may end up with no air flowing into your cabin, or you might end up with hot air blowing through the vents. This is certainly not refreshing when we are in the midst of a hot and humid summer.

Fuse/Electrical Problems

One of the things that could be causing the fans to malfunction is a blown fuse. Other electrical problems can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s A/C causing it to malfunction or not operate at all. Your vehicle has an expansive electrical system to handle all of the automatic things in automobiles today. If it has a problem, this could affect your air conditioner’s performance.

Malfunctioning Compressor

Finally, the compressor cools the refrigerant so that the air coming into your car’s interior is cold. The compressor works better if it is turned on for at least 15 minutes once a month. Like your heart, the better workout it gets the healthier it remains. If your air conditioner is not working properly, it could be that the compressor is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.

Look no further than Auto Solutions in Orlando, FL, for your automobile’s air conditioning needs. Schedule an appointment today for an A/C inspection before summer is here.


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