Fuel Injector Cleaning and Your Car

Fuel injector cleaning can be a sticky subject if you believe the hype that it’s a scam. It isn’t, for the record. It can also get sticky if you rely on over-the-counter fuel injector cleaners to do the job. Why? Because they aren’t as thorough as professional cleanings. Auto Solutions offers fuel injector cleaning as one of our many services because you, our customer, deserve the best-running vehicle possible. Let’s talk about fuel injector cleaning and your car, truck, or SUV.

Fuel Injector Purpose

Your automobile’s engine has a fuel injector at each cylinder, and this injector’s job is to spray gasoline into the cylinder. It does this using a series of parts, including an injector nozzle. Once the gasoline is sprayed into the cylinder, the fuel mixes with air and is set on fire by the spark plugs, which generate a spark with the plug wires. This is what starts your car, truck, or SUV and keeps it running until you shut it off. The engine needs a steady stream of fuel into the combustion chamber.

Carbon Build-Up

One caveat to combustion engines: the burning fuel and air they need to work leaves carbon deposits in the combustion chamber. The most common site of carbon deposit buildup is on the pistons and the fuel injector nozzles. The nozzles have a lever that opens and closes based on fuel demand, i.e., how fast or slow you want to go. Carbon buildup can cause the levers to stick open or closed, and the only way to solve the issues that result from a stuck lever is to clean the injectors professionally.

Signs of Clogged Injectors

Your vehicle will tell you if it isn’t getting enough gas or too much gas in the combustion chamber. If the injector levers are stuck in the closed or nearly closed position, your automobile engine will not get enough gas. If they are stuck in the open position, your vehicle’s engine is getting too much gas. This can directly affect how well your vehicle starts and runs, and signs of fuel injector trouble include

  • An inability to start your car, truck, or SUV
  • Slow acceleration when you step on the gas
  • Rough idling and stalling in some cases
  • Gas mileage that is lower than usual

We here at Auto Solutions can help if you notice any of these troubling symptoms. Stop by our Orlando, FL, shop, or call us for an appointment.

Photo by jedsadabodin from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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