Five Symptoms of a Faulty Clutch

A faulty clutch can make driving an automobile with a manual transmission nearly impossible. In order for the gears to shift smoothly and properly, the power in the engine must be moved to the transmission. This power transfer not only ensures a smooth gear shift but also turns the drivetrain so the vehicle’s wheels move. The clutch is the part that transfers the power. Consequently, Auto Solutions advises that a bad clutch will render the transmission useless. Here are five symptoms your clutch is bad.

1. Changes in the Clutch Pedal Itself

When the clutch starts to fail, the pedal will change. You may notice that the catch point at which you shift the gears is higher. You may also notice that the clutch feels softer underneath your foot. In fact, it might even feel squishy. These symptoms can indicate that the inside of the clutch is wearing out. We can rebuild the clutch if possible. This being said, we may need to replace it if it’s really damaged.

2. Strange Noises Such as Squeaking

The clutch pedal may also start to make strange noises. It may squeak every time you press down on and release it, it may make grinding sounds, or it may squeal. Bring your vehicle to our shop right away if your clutch is making noises. The longer you wait to have it inspected, the more the clutch will get damaged. This will make it more likely that you will need to have the clutch replaced.

3. Poor Acceleration/Grinding Gears

As we mentioned above, the clutch transfers power between the engine and transmission to accommodate shifting the gears and to get the drivetrain turning. If your vehicle does not accelerate when you release the clutch and press down on the gas pedal, the clutch is going bad. A bad clutch will also make the gears grind when you shift them.

4. Other Gear Shifting Problems

If the clutch is in really bad shape, you may not be able to get your automobile into gear. The dead clutch will also make it impossible to shift through the gear cycle. It will seem as if the stick shift is useless as you try to move it into gear or through the gears.

5. Hot or Burning Clutch Pedal Odors

Finally, if you smell hot or burning odors wafting from the clutch, this is a sign that the clutch is disengaging before you release it. This is called “slipping.” A slipping clutch generally needs to be replaced to resolve the problem.

Auto Solutions is the best auto service shop in Orlando, FL, so call us today for a service appointment. We will replace your clutch if it is no longer operational.

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