Common Suspension Problems Vehicles Face

Maintaining your vehicle’s suspension helps to prevent suspension problems. If your car, truck, or utility vehicle faces the suspension problems listed below, do not worry. Auto Solutions can repair your suspension if it has gone bad.

Fighting to Go Straight

If you are constantly fighting your automobile to make it go straight, the wheels are not aligned properly. We can realign the wheels so that your car, truck, or C/SUV goes straight unless you turn it otherwise. This is the way your suspension is built. It is designed for the vehicle to go straight unless you use the steering system. Your vehicle should not pull to either side.

Feeling Every Bump

If you are suddenly feeling every bump in the road, this is a sign that it’s time to replace the shocks and struts. These are the parts that absorb the uneven pavement so your ride in the passenger cabin remains comfortable. If the ride has become bumpy and uncomfortable, the shocks and struts are likely worn and you need to have new ones installed on the wheels. Generally, the struts go on the front wheels and the shocks on the back wheels. Your vehicle may have all struts.

Low-Sitting Corner

Your vehicle should sit evenly across all four wheels. If the body is tilted in one corner, there is a broken suspension spring on that wheel. Another sign that you need to replace a suspension spring is a loud clunking noise when you drive over road bumps. In fact, you may have heard a loud clunk when the spring broke. Replacing the spring is crucial to your suspension.

Momentum Motion

Getting back to the shocks and struts, they also help to keep your vehicle’s body steady even though the car has momentum. For example, if the shocks and struts are worn, your automobile will lurch forward when you stop. Other momentum motion includes leaning back when you accelerate and tilting to the side when you turn corners.

Problems Steering

Aside from the wheel alignment issue we discussed above, if you are having other problems steering your automobile, the steering system needs some TLC. We will be happy to inspect your steering system and recommend any necessary repairs, such as replacing a faulty power steering pump.

Greasy Shocks

Finally, your shocks will get greasy if they are leaking their internal fluid. This is a sign that the shocks are old and need to be replaced. The internal fluid helps them to buffer the road bumps over which you drive. Leaking fluid prevents the shocks from doing their jobs properly.

Again, Auto Solutions in Orlando, FL, can repair your suspension if it needs it. Call us today for an appointment.

Photo by tarasov_vi from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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