Common Electrical System Problems in Cars

Automobile electrical system problems can leave you stranded, especially if the problem is a dead battery. If you live in Orlando, Florida, Auto Solutions is your one-stop auto service shop for everything your car, truck, or utility vehicle needs, including electrical system repairs. We can inspect your vehicle’s electrical system if you notice any of the following common problems occurring with your automobile.

Battery Trouble

Battery trouble commonly comes in two forms: a dead battery and a battery that cannot hold a charge. A dead battery is the most common vehicle electrical system problem, and if your battery is over four years old, you could be facing a dead battery very soon. The average lifespan of a car battery is three to four years, so plan to have your battery replaced if it is that old. A clear sign that you need a new battery is that it will no longer be able to hold a charge.

Dead Alternator

The alternator is the electrical system part that generates voltage. This part uses friction to do so, and as your battery discharges, while your automobile is running, the alternator pushes voltage into it to prevent it from dying. If you can’t get your car started, it might be the alternator instead of the battery. You may notice your alternator dying if your headlights have suddenly dimmed or if you are having problems with any of the electrical components in your automobile.

Starter Problems

If you turn the key in the ignition and all you hear are clicking sounds, you have a bad starter or solenoid. This part lasts about a hundred thousand miles before it dies, and it is a mini-motor within your motor to get your car, truck, or utility vehicle started. The clicking sound is your sign that the issue is not necessarily your battery or alternator but rather the starter or solenoid, as this part makes this sound if it is malfunctioning.

Cable/Fuse Issues

Another electrical system problem is corroded battery cables that prevent the charge at the terminal connection. Your battery cables can also become loose over time as the battery vibrates in the tray. Many cars also blow fuses just like you do in your home. Your vehicle has a fuse box and it’s a good idea to know where it is located just in case you need to change an automotive fuse. As an aside, your vehicle sensors and the engine control module can also go bad.

Do not panic. Auto Solutions is the best service shop in Orlando, FL, and we’ve got your vehicle and all of its electrical system service and repair needs covered.

Photo by kdshutterman from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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