Call Auto Solutions if Your Car’s Engine Is Knocking

Give Auto Solutions in Orlando a call if your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s engine is knocking all the time. This can be a sign that there is a problem with the detonation in the combustion chamber or an issue with the rods and rod bearings in the cylinder block. We are going to talk about the causes of engine knock below. As you will see, a knocking engine can get damaged in some cases.

Incorrect Octane in the Tank

When we say detonation problem in the combustion chamber, we mean you have multiple fireballs in each cylinder colliding rather than just one. These collisions are what make the knocking noise, and there should only be one ignition per cycle in each cylinder. One thing that will cause multiple fireballs is gasoline with an octane rating that is lower than what is recommended for your vehicle.

Malfunctioning Knock Sensor

You may also end up with a knocking engine if the knock sensor is malfunctioning. This sensor alerts the main computer chip that the engine is knocking so the chip can correct the underlying problem and stop the engine knock. Unfortunately, if the knock sensor goes bad, the computer chip will not be alerted that the engine is knocking. This will leave you with a knocking engine every time it runs.

Fuel Mixture With Too Much Air

One of the things that the main computer chip can do is make adjustments to the fuel level in the fuel and air mixture in the combustion chamber if the current mixture has too much air in it. Any time there is too much air in the fuel mixture, the engine will knock because the air will produce multiple firings.

Misfiring or Faulty Spark Plugs

Speaking of multiple firings, if your spark plugs are misfiring, this will make the engine knock. The spark plugs can misfire if they are going bad in need to be replaced, but the problem may not actually be the spark plugs. The problem could be that the main computer chip is malfunctioning and firing the plugs incorrectly.

Rod Bearings That Are Worn

Finally, the rods in the cylinder block move the pistons up and down inside the cylinders. The rod bearings are what facilitate this movement. If the rod bearings are worn, the movement will not be smooth and the pistons will crash against the cylinder walls. This can damage the cylinder block.

Call Auto Solutions in Orlando, FL, to schedule a service appointment if your vehicle’s engine is knocking.

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