Brake System Signs of Trouble You Shouldn’t Ignore

We here at Auto Solutions do not mean to sound like your mother, but there are signs your brake system will send you that you shouldn’t ignore. If you do, you might find yourself unable to stop your car, truck, or SUV. We are brake system experts that can maintain, repair, and replace your vehicle’s brake system parts. Stop by our shop if you notice any of the following signs.

Stopping Distance Increase

If it seems to take longer to stop your vehicle than it used to, it’s time for a brake inspection. Your stopping distance – the length it takes to bring your automobile to a complete stop – shouldn’t change. You instinctively learn when to depress your brakes when you’re approaching a stop sign or red light. If the normal distance to stop isn’t enough anymore and you’re braking harder, get your brakes checked.

Your Brakes Make Sounds

Another sign you need a brake inspection is if your brakes start making sounds. The usual noises you hear from brakes are grinding, scraping, and squealing. All of these noises indicate brake system trouble and the noise itself can help you identify the trouble. When your brake pads have lost their depth and are worn down to the backing plate, for example, you will hear them grind against the rotors.

You Feel Movement When You Brake

Sometimes debris gets caught in your brake system’s calipers. Over time, the rotors warp because the brake pads constantly rub against them. If either of these things is happening in your vehicle’s brake system, you might feel the brake pedal vibrate when you stop your car, truck, or SUV, or the steering wheel vibrate. If a caliper is stuck or only one rotor is worn, your vehicle may pull to that side.

You May Smell Something Hot

Your brakes can overheat if they’re worn, the fluid is low, there is trouble with any of the parts, or if you are riding them. Brakes that are getting too hot smell like burning chemicals. This is not only a sign of trouble in your vehicle’s braking system but also a sign you need to pull over and stop. Brake systems are known to fail if they get too hot, so don’t take chances. Stop and let the brakes cool down.

Call Auto Solutions in Orlando, FL, for a brake system inspection. We are here to maintain and repair your brakes so you stay safe on the road.

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