Brake Repair And Maintenance

brake repairBrakes are imperative to your safety on the road. To avoid accidents and dangerous conditions it is important to stay on top of brake maintenance and be aware of the warning signs. Our technicians are specialists in brake repair and maintenance and ready to get you safe safely on the road.

When To Get Your Brakes Checked

For preventative care, it is a good idea to get your brakes checked when you have you oil changed. When it comes to warning signs, you need to pay attention to sounds, smells, and sensations.

1.Squealing, Squeaking, Or Grinding Noises

Anytime you hear noise when you are braking, it is a cause for concern. If you are hearing a squealing sound it may be because your indicators are starting to have contact with the rotor. This likely means that your pads are worn out. Call Auto Solutions for a brake repair appointment to replace your pads before you experience rotor damage.

2. Wobbling Or Shaking

If you have noticed your steering wheel shaking when you brake it could be a sign of uneven rotors. It is important to have our technicians check your lugnuts and rotors to ensure even wear and keep you from coming back sooner rather than later for new brakes.

3. Soft Brake Pedal

If you are starting to notice less resistance when you brake, it is important to get it checked early. The issue could be due to leaking fluid or a problem with the master cylinder. Typically, your brake pedal should stop 1 to 1 ½ inches from your floor board.

4. Burning Smell

Sometimes you may smell a burning smell when you stop short or are braking frequently down a sharp hill. If you also notice smoke coming from a wheel it is important to all Auto Solutions immediately to have the issue diagnosed and repaired.

5. Bouncing When You Brake

Your first thought when you experience bouncing as you stop may be that you are having suspension issues. While this may be the case, your brakes might also be to blame. Whatever the reason, you need to have your car seen by reliable technicians like our team at Auto Solutions to properly diagnose and repair the issue.

At Auto Solutions, we put our customers and their safety first. Our Orlando brake specialists will pay close attention to your brake system and make sure that you are safely back on the road. Call Auto Solutions today at 407-930-9136.