The Best Florida Road Trips from Orlando

Because Florida enjoys a convenient peninsula design and Orlando sits at its center, the Sunshine State is ideal for road trips. Beyond the ocean’s intrinsic adventures, you can explore majestic state parks and historical favorites, all before weekend’s end. Keep reading to learn some of the most popular routes from Orlando onward.

Orlando to Cape Canaveral

Sure, Houston gets all the glory, but Cape Canaveral houses the John F. Kennedy Space Center, a major launching point for NASA. Only a hop, skip and an hour from Orlando, this gem offers exciting exhibits highlighting NASA’s rich history and slew of space-dominating accomplishments.

Orlando to St. Petersburg

Pop in your favorite highway playlist and drive two hours into St. Petersburg for an afternoon of modern art at the Salvador Dali Museum. In fact, this site boasts the most expansive collection of the artist’s work on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Orlando to Crystal River

If you’ve never visited Three Sisters Springs at Crystal River, stop everything and go now. Less than two hours from Orlando’s busy city center, these natural wonders will readjust your equilibrium and bring you back to peace. Not only does the warm water invite awe-inspiring wildlife, but this area is a famous hotspot for manatees. So, slip your shoes off and share the water with these gentle giants. You won’t regret it.

Orlando to St. Augustine

Another destination you can reach in about two hours, St. Augustine has several well-established historical sites for anyone looking to appreciate this nation’s great history. Paranormal enthusiasts can also get the goosies while traversing the many graveyards that pepper downtown as well as a haunted lighthouse.

Orlando to the Everglades

A longer trek from Orlando (about four hours), Everglades National Park brings 1.5 million acres of nature together in this iconic Florida staple. Hike up your trousers and tramp through mangrove swamps and saltwater marshes to appreciate the symbiotic relationship between land and water. Better yet, rent a kayak or take and airboat tour. Either way, this destination is one you’ll never forget.

Orlando to the Keys

If you have more time (the Keys demand slow, intentional admiration), fill the gas tank and drive to this southernmost tip of the state. Enjoy some of the best seafood and views of your life while wondering why you never made the trip sooner.

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