An Oil-Soaked Starter Is a Dead Starter

Your engine needs to starter to fire up. It can’t do so without it. The starter is located underneath the cylinders on the left-hand side of the engine. Its location can be a problem. If you end up with an oil leak on that side of the engine, you may end up with an oil-soaked starter. This will kill the starter and you won’t be able to start your automobile. Auto Solutions lists the signs that you have a dead starter below.

A Jump Won’t Start the Engine

You hop in your automobile and the engine won’t start. You ask a passerby for a jump-start and he graciously agrees. Unfortunately, no matter how much you crank the engine, it still won’t start. If the jump-start doesn’t work, this is a sign that the reason why your engine will not fire up is due to the starter. It is not a battery or alternator issue because the jump-start cables did not solve the problem.

You Have a Dead Engine

Consequently, now you are stuck with a dead engine. To confirm it is the starter, turn the key in the ignition to see if you’re dashboard lights turn on. They should if you have electrical power in the battery. You can also turn on your headlights to see if they come on. Again, they will if the battery is okay. If you have a dead engine but lights at the same time, this points to the starter being the problem. A starter lasts on average about 10 years. If your car is older than that, this also points to the starter.

You Hear Clicking Noises

One key symptom of a dead starter is clicking noises. You will hear these noises when you press the start button or turn the key in the ignition. Your engine may start after a few rounds of clicks, or the engine may not start at all. Either way, when the starter motor is going bad, it will make clicking noises. This isn’t definite, however, so your starter could go bad without the annoying sounds.

You See or Smell Smoke

Don’t keep trying to start your automobile. If you do, you will overheat the starter motor. When this happens, the motor starts to smoke and you can see the smoke and smell something burning. Continuing to turn the key in the ignition will not get your vehicle started if the starter is dead.

Auto Solutions in Orlando, FL, can help, so give us a call today. We can test your starter motor and replace it if necessary.

Photo by Phantom1311 from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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