Five Awesome Holiday Gifts for Your Car Enthusiast

Happy holidays to one and all from Auto Solutions! Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the car enthusiast in your family? We have five suggestions that are sure to put a smile on the gift recipient’s face as well as save you money at the register. The first four gifts are priced under $100, according to CNET, which works well for those on a holiday budget.

Car Seat Wallet

Purchase a car seat wallet for your loved one. These wallets are either made from durable fabric or hard plastic and they fit in the vehicle to store important things such as insurance papers, vehicle registration, and change for the toll booth. Choose a car seat wallet to complement the vehicle’s interior color and style.

Dashboard Camera

This practical gift adds security to any vehicle. Although we hope your gift recipient never needs to use a dashboard camera, their data is priceless. A dashboard camera records everything ahead of the vehicle in which it sits. This provides crucial information to defend against an accident or unwarranted ticket.

Jump Starter

Don’t let your loved one be stranded by a dead battery. A battery jump starter goes beyond jumper cables. This starter jumps the battery without the need for another car. Your loved one can use it in the event of a dead battery in his or her car or help other stranded drivers by jumping their car batteries.

Air Compressor

A 12-volt air compressor makes another great holiday gift. Proper tire pressure ensures optimal vehicle performance and safety, and an air compressor in the garage makes filling tires quick and easy. Plus, it allows the driver to check tire pressure and fill the tires when they’re cold, which is recommended by tire manufacturers.

Car Show Tickets

Finally, if you aren’t sure your loved one wants a gadget, get him or her tickets to the annual car show. This makes for a day filled with fun and technical wonder. Car shows allow automobile manufacturers to showcase the latest automobile manufacturing technology on their newest models, but the really fun part is the dream cars.

Auto Solutions in Orlando, FL, is a full-service auto maintenance and repair shop. We love the gifts listed above and bet your gift recipient would, too. Another gift suggestion is a vehicle inspection and maintenance visit for the recipient who cannot afford to maintain his or her automobile. Call us to set up an appointment and let us make somebody feel special during the holidays.


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