Four Common Problems of Hybrid Vehicles That Are Easily Repaired

Hybrid vehicles are safe and reliable automobiles, but as with any other vehicle, they can have some common problems. Auto Solutions services and repairs hybrid automobiles, and we fix the following four things without a hitch. These issues do not mean a hybrid car is a lemon. They simply mean these makes and models suffer from car trouble just like any other automobile does.

1. Battery Trouble

Because a hybrid uses the battery more than a gasoline vehicle does, you may need to replace the battery more often. Hybrids run off a combination of electricity (the battery) and gasoline, which saves you money at the gas station but uses up more battery power. You will replace your hybrid vehicle’s battery more often, but you’ll also save money on gas, so the costs generally offset each other in the end even though hybrid batteries are more expensive.

2. Oxygen Sensor Failure

To be honest, oxygen sensor failure is common in all vehicle types. The oxygen sensor is a crucial part that can become a huge pain. The oxygen sensor measures the oxygen levels in a vehicle’s exhaust, whether hybrid or gasoline. When the sensor goes bad, your check engine light will come on and your vehicle will fail an emissions test. Oxygen sensor failure is common in both hybrid and gas vehicles, and sometimes, the sensor will fail without explanation.

3. Catalytic Converter Failure

Another crucial exhaust system part is the catalytic converter, and it, too, can go bad. Hybrid vehicles are not immune to catalytic converter trouble, which generally prevents the unit from converting carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide. This is dangerous if you also have an exhaust leak into your hybrid’s cabin. You might smell rotten eggs and your check engine light will come on if the catalytic converter fails. Catalytic converter failure can also overheat your engine.

4. Evaporative Emissions System Problem

Also called the EVAP, this system is responsible for controlling the hybrid vehicle’s emissions. These cars are particularly sensitive to emissions trouble because they are designed to better control and reduce automobile emissions being released into the environment. Signs of EVAP trouble include your engine idling roughly, the check engine light coming on, and difficulty starting your hybrid automobile. Usually, the failure is an EVAP system leak.

Call Auto Solutions in Orlando, FL, if you are having trouble with your hybrid vehicle. As we said above, we maintain and repair all vehicle types including hybrids. Schedule an appointment with us today.

Photo by Cipango from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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