Four Common Places of Engine Leaks

Your automobile could leak from many different systems but there are four common places where leaks occur more often. Thankfully, Auto Solutions isolates and repair engine leaks, and we can find where your car, truck, or SUV’s engine is leaking and fix it for you. In all cases, you’ll want the leak fixed right away. Otherwise, you risk damaging your engine, which will only increase your auto repair bill.

Rear Main Seal

You’ll find the rear main seal in the back of your engine. It’s located between the crankshaft and the flywheel. If you drive your vehicle regularly and are faithful about oil changes, it’s rare to get a rear main seal leak. If you don’t drive your vehicle regularly or ignore your preventative maintenance schedule, you may find yourself with a leak at the rear main seal.

Oil Pan

The oil pan is sealed by a gasket that wears down over time. This is just the natural progression of your vehicle’s aging engine. If you get your car, truck, or SUV’s oil changed regularly, the gasket will last longer. If you don’t, the gasket may dry out, contract or crack, and begin to leak. This can be an easy or difficult fix depending on the vehicle you drive and its engine size. 

Valve Cover

Your vehicle’s valve cover also has a gasket which can fail over time. The gasket is thin and covers a long space. This being said, it isn’t too difficult to replace the gasket provided you don’t drive a V6. Some V6 engines hide the valve cover gasket underneath the engine’s intake manifold. Don’t worry, though. We are happy to replace a leaking valve cover gasket no matter what. We aren’t afraid of any engine.

Timing Cover

The last gasket on our list is the timing cover gasket. You’ll find this gasket in vehicles that use timing chains instead of timing belts, and most vehicles do these days. Timing belts have fallen out of favor because they are expensive to replace and cause severe engine damage when they break. If your timing cover gasket fails, it will leak lubricating fluid that keeps the timing chain operating efficiently.

Located in Orlando, FL, Auto Solutions is happy to inspect any vehicle leak you have. Call us to set up an appointment and if your vehicle is leaking a lot of fluid, arrange to have it towed to our shop. Don’t take chances and drive your vehicle without proper fluid levels.

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